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Our Network


International presence. Prodep has developed a Net of Collaborators in the best championships in the World.

Prodep works with more than twenty agencies and collaborators all over the world. We currently represent over one hundred players in more than 18 countries.

Our international relations allow us to cover all the important leagues in the world. We are always looking for new talent and try to create new career possibilities for all our players.

We are constantly evolving, signing agreements with professionals in different countries every day, allowing Prodep and its players to be present all over the world.


  • USAMike Cound (Estados Unidos)
  • Nicolás San José (España)
  • Jorge Méndez (España)
  • Fabio Jardine (Brasil)
  • Sebastien Dekeirel (Francia)
  • Murat Kurdoglu (Turquía)