One of the strengths of PRODEP and Associated is its broad human team capable of giving each client a personalized treatment. Since its foundation by the hand of Nicolás San José associated from the beginning with Mike Cound, including professionals of proven experience such as Jorge Méndez, Marta Blanes, Murat Kurdoglu, Aleksandra Vujovic, Lot Wielfaert, Julie Rumes, among others, are committed to Seriousness and quality at work to become a fundamental element of cohesion in the Women’s Basketball.


Our mission is to form a trustworthy team that helps each client individually to find the best option that allows them to develop a professional career, enjoying the best possible economic and sports conditions.

The objective is to work together with the clients to help them define and reach their goals not only seeking the economic benefit, but also the welfare and the construction of a solid career. Therefore we prioritize the benefit of the player or coach over the company.


We offer our clients a network of top-level professionals who, in addition to working in search of a job, offer alternative services such as:

  • Legal coverage
  • Tax advice
  • Medicine and physiotherapy
  • Recovery and physical preparation
  • Sports psychology
  • Audiovisual and statistical monitoring
  • Communication and marketing
  • Sponsorship


PRODEP is aware of the particular needs of the Clubs in the search for players, so it also provides value-added services for Sports Clubs, such as the search for a specific profile of the player based on the specific parameters indicated.