Open day 19/20

¡OPEN DAY 19/20! ————  ¡WE STARTED!

On the occasion that Zaragoza was named “Spanish Capital of Basketball” during this 2019 by the Spanish Basketball Federation (FEB), the Aragonese capital will host the third edition of the now traditional format of the “Open Day” that starts the League Day 19 /twenty.
The place for this great event will be the Pavilion of the Siglo XXI Municipal Sports Center of Zaragoza in which seven vibrant meetings will be held on September 28 and 29.
It will begin with an official presentation in the capital morning on the morning of Friday 27 (12h) with the arrival of the teams at their concentration hotels. An incomparable setting for this great BASKETBALL party, with a total of 14 teams and more than 150 players.
Our agency PRODEP M. & ASSOCIATED will be present with more than 60 players and coaches who we are sure will make all fans of this sport enjoy, for their quality and work, and that they will achieve the objectives set by them with their Clubs.

Mann Filter Casablanca:

Prodep - Mann Filter Casablanca 2019

Campus Promete:

Prodep - Campus Promete 2019

Ciudad de los Adelantados:

Prodep - Clarinos Ciudad de los Adelantados

Spar CityLift Girona:

Prodep - Girona 2019

Valencia Basket:

Prodep - Valencia Basket 2019

Durán Maquinaria Ensino:

Prodep - Ensino Lugo 2019

Cadi la Seu:

Prodep - Cadi La Seu

Lointek Gernika:

Prodep - Lointek Gernica 2019

Nissan Al-Qázeres:

Promete - Al-Qázeres 2019

IDK Gipuzkoa:

Prodep - IDK Gipuzkoa 2019

Quesos el Pastor C.D. Zamarat:

Prodep - Zamarat 2019

Embutidos Pajariel Bembibre:

Prodep - Bembibre 2019

Perfumerías Avenida:

Prodep - Perfumerías Avenida 2019


Schedules and where to watch the games

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