Vanessa Gidden is crowned Miss Rebound 2018

She arrived with the season started but her knowledge of the league and quality earned her to return to be the great dominator of the paintings in the highest Spanish competition. Vanessa Gidden reigned in the Promete Campus area, reaching record numbers in total rebounds (13.11 per match) as well as in the offensive (4.1) and defensive (9) sections where she did not have a competitor.

After passing through Girona, Avenida Perfumerías and Araski the Jamaican becomes one of the safest bets for a Spanish team. Since in all of them, she has performed at a great level although she had never managed to average more than 13 rebounds per night, so at 32 years of age, the WNBA can affirm that she’s enjoying an experience as a player that has helped her to commit only 2.7 fouls per game.